Guest Lecture: Arvind Gupta

“Science and everyday life cannot be separated.” This adage was well demonstrated by Mr. Arvind Gupta – the scientist who specializes in the creation of educational toys from waste materials. The morning of October 30th, the students of grades 8, 9 10 and 11 were gathered in the AV room to see the elucidation of the various concepts from simple available materials. Mr. Gupta explained how simple materials like the match sticks, pen and refills, balloons and even straws can be made use of to create simple instruments and models and simplify even the most complicated concepts. For e.g., the straw spinner with two half straws could be used to demonstrate torque or the Mathematical models using match sticks could be used for both counting and also to geometrical figures. He also demonstrated the link between the length and the sound produced using a straw. The students were awestruck at the simple yet magical tricks that the scientist demonstrated. The entire session lasted two hours and at the end, the students were left with the desire to work such simple experiments to hone their scientific and mathematical skills.

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