Assembly by Grade 10 (23 June, 2016)

The first Assembly for this Academic year was of course that of Grade X on the topic, ‘Time Management’. Students put up a diverse Assembly which included Music, Violin, Keyboard, songs, a skit and a dance that were all extremely well presented.

The speech of Managing Time was by Akash Sankar who gave valuable tips on effectively managing time – some of the tips given were ignore distractions, focus on the known and then move on to the unknown.

The skit written by Pranay was enacted effectively bringing home the importance of time and how to manage it. There was humour and wit in the skit. Both Shibu and Srinivas as the ambitious book writer / reader lived their part. Srinivas generated laughter among the audiene by his innocent face and voice. His thought for the day was about not procrastinating but doing what you need to do on time.

The News was about happenings in and outside our country delivered with clarity by Rohan. It ranged from the North Korean missile launch to UK’s stance in the European Union, from Delhi Universty receiving 3.6 Lakh applications to India launching 20 satellites in 26 minutes.

The Quiz Masters, Hariharan B. and Hariharan Venkat, were extremely professional. The questions were challenging and provoked students’ curiosity and interest. The question on which scientist patented the maximum number of inventions was correctly answered by Snehith of Grade 5A.

The other students who came up with the correct answers were Tharun of Grade 6B, Saidhakshan of Grade 7B, Akash H. Iyer of Grade 7A and Sharan K. of Grade 8A. Janani was graceful and rhythm-perfect as she performed her classical movements while Nitin was agile, flexible and vigorous in his dance movements.

The instrumentalists outdid themselves. Pranay, Hariharan and Nivedhitha were on the Violin producing melodious music. Rohan kept perfect tune on the keyboard while Pretham Kevin played the Guitar. The song by Shruti transported the audience into another world altogether.

Ms. Nalini, the Class Teacher needs to be specially appreciated for motivating the students to choreograph the entire presentation in such a professional manner.

The MCs Nivedhitha and Adarsh lead the programme through with confidence and composure. They gracefully thanked all those who helped them.

It was heartening to observe the Grade X conducting themselves with confidence and ease on the stage.

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