Assembly by Grade 11 (July, 2018)

A school assembly is one of those platforms to showcase the talents of the students apart from academics. It is also a medium to convey to a large school gathering good moral values for them to imbibe within.

Grade 11 students presented their class assembly on the topic “Importance of a Guru”. In the midst of their engrossed attention in their chosen streams, the students found time to exhibit their reverence to Guru, referred to as teachers in modern times.

On the occasion of “Gurupoornima”, the MCs introduced the significance of a guru, followed by a thought for the day emphasizing a Guru’s role and power of knowledge.

The news anchors gave us the news from across the world in a very lucid and comprehensive manner, keeping us abreast of the happenings around us.

A speech highlighting the ‘Importance of a Guru’, who dispels darkness and enlightens our souls with true knowledge. was well received by the audience.

A heartwarming melody on “ Gurupaduka Stotram” , a powerful chant that glorifies the “Sandals of the Guru” , which is symbolically represented as ‘ the boat to help cross the endless ocean of life’, written by Adi Sankaracharya was poignantly rendered by a student. As a tribute to such a great Guru, the mystic chant was followed by a speech on Adi Sankaracharya, bringing out his tremendous contributions on the Advaita Vedanta School of philosophy.

The internal turmoil the students go through in today’s world, the despair they face, the distractions they are exposed to and the role of a guru who effortlessly is able to show them the right path, were portrayed well through a mime.

Riddles, dance shows, quiz sessions and songs were the other highlights of the show. The assembly concluded with a vote of thanks. Ms. Meenakshi, in her speech, reiterated the importance of a ‘Guru’ through an analogy of ‘spectrum of light’ examples.

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