Assembly by Grade XIA (27 June, 2017)

The 27th of June was a day of economic awakening for the school by Grade XI. Their theme – “Commercialisation and its influence on the modern day man.” The day’s events kicked off with the prayer by the choir, the assembly host, the thought for the day, News following which we were treated to a stellar performance of “When I am gone” (The Cup Song) all of which was done by the students of grade XI.

The center-piece of the assembly was a skit named “Horrid Happenings 7” Alternated by all the grade XI students a series of 7 satirical sketches about how commercialisation, urbanisation and globalisation have played us for the unintelligent consumers we are that run after fancily packaged, yet harmful items. The students performed exceptionally well and the audience were left with both humour and food for thought. We had the school prefect give a thought provoking speech about how commercialisation has become the greatest evil of the society. Fact stating about each horrid happening was given at the end of the play.

To take a break from all the gloom, we also had the instrumental rendering (Keyboard), followed by The Vote of thanks that was presented thanking the principal, the teachers who aided in making the show a big success and last but not the least, all the students for being a wonderful audience. The assembly reached its finality when our Principal ended the show with a few wise words of her own.

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