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Assembly by Grade 2 (February 26, 2015)

On a sunny morning of Friday, the 26th of February, the children of grade 2 presented their assembly with complete coordination. ‘The important days of February’ was the theme they chose. The anchor of the show was Lokeshwar Reddy who introduced his classmates to present their part to the audience.

Sagun and Sreshta started off the assembly by giving a brief speech about the famous people born in the month of February like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Srimathi Rukminidevi Arundale, Alessandro Volta and Sir. C.V. Raman.

Neha and Yalini sang a melodious English song which was soothing to the ears. Swetha Sivalingam gave a ‘thought for the day’ which was followed by facts by Ann, Joseph, T.Swetha, Daria and Adithya Krithik on important days of February like World Cancer day, Theyyam season in Kerala, Kambala Buffalo races in Coastal Karnataka, Charles Darwin birthday and the Rare diseases day.

The Hindi and Tamil poem beautifully recited by Amritaash and Sai Sahana kept the audience rapt with attention. The 2 line story with the moral ‘no one can steal your capability’ by Pradeesh, was food for thought.

A speech on National Science day was given by Bhavik Bopanna from which the quiz was conducted by the quiz masters Rishit, Siddharth, Rishi and Nithish. There was a huge response to the questions posed by the masters. It was followed by the News which covered the National, International, Sports and the Weather report by Girish Kumar, Gautham, Sanjay, Adithya and Giri Prasath.

The assembly concluded with splendid dance performance for the song ‘Ayarpadi Maligaiyil’. The little ones of Grade 2 did their teacher proud by presenting the assembly to perfection.

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