Assembly by Grade 3B (November, 2019)

Topic: Our state - Goa

School Assemblies offer an ideal beginning to a school day. Children are energetic and look forward to exhibit their talent. They learn team spirit and encourage each other and learn to appreciate their classmates.

Grade 3B students presented their class assembly on the topic ‘State – Goa’. The assembly started with facts about Goa. From the numerous beaches to the majestic churches and the delectable food, the speakers offered a visual treat of the place.

The newsreaders shared news from across the world in an eloquent manner, updating us on current affairs.

A play showcased the emotional bonding of two true friends, highlighting the virtue of forgiveness.

The dance saw children dressed in bright hues and colorful pompoms and hand fans, swaying to the music of the Goa Carnival theme song 2018. The music and the dance captured the very essence of Goa and its culture.

The attentiveness of the audience was tested with an interesting quiz covering the facts about Goa. The audience actively participated and enjoyed the quiz.

The vote of thanks expressed student’s gratitude to the Principal and all the staff for their support and encouragement.

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