Assembly by Grade 5 - 10 (14 July, 2016)

Bastille Day

The day started with the prayer. The masters of ceremony, Sanjana and Prusha of grade 8 lead the programme. It started with a beautiful French poem “Le Printemps”. Meghna of grade 8 gave the introduction for Victor Hugo, the author of the poem and Akshay of Grade 6 read it and the translation for the same was given by Aditi. Vishnu Priya of grade 9 briefed about the Bastille Day and how it is celebrated in France and in other francophones. Grade 6 students performed a welcoming dance with ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Bienvenue’ letter cards. Subsequently grade 10 presented a mime. Then came the grade 7 students and shared informations about the important tourist spots in Paris. The informations were given both in French and in English and the students showed the colourful collage work of the places they spoke about.

France is known for its art, architecture and music. The grade 8 students sang the song, Champs-elysees with Ragesh of grade 8 as the lead. It was a mellifluous performance and the chorus was in perfect harmony. Next we had the 9th grade students with an entertaining salsa dance for a French song. The programme came to an end with a quiz programme. Lakshmi of grade 8 gave the vote of thanks. It was a huge learning exposure for all the students.

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