Assembly by Grade 5A (July, 2018)

I love Reading

Readers Are Leaders
Reading Makes A Man Complete

Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body – With this thought in mind, students of Grade 5A presented their assembly on the topic ‘I love Reading’. In today’s world where one gets absorbed with the myriad of devices available at their disposal, reading is a habit that is slowly slipping away. The aim of the assembly was to remind students of the benefits of reading and instill the habit in them.

The program started with reading of the news headlines. The thought for the day which was on books and its importance was presented.

The talk was also on the benefits of reading which was supplemented with a song on reading, performed by the class choir.

The quiz is always an educative and exciting part of the assembly. Students shared their stories that they had written the previous year for the Young Author’s Day (YAD). To add a fun element to the assembly, a few students took the role of their favourite book characters and spoke about why they liked that character the most.

The assembly ended with a thoughtful vote of thanks.

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