Assembly by Grade V B (July, 2017)

Grade 5B opened up their assembly with a thought rendering theme - The Pros and Cons of Modern day living.

The children assembled enthusiastically in the bright morning sun and heralded the events with the ‘thought for the day’.

This was followed by the NEWS that highlighted recent events both National and International. While the news from the field of Science shed light on the rapid advancements, the Sports News brought to fore the recent exploits and an update on the weather brought to a conclusion the latest from the news desk.

The children then presented a thought provoking skit that highlighted the topic for the day’s assembly. It was then time for the children to shake their legs to a peppy number dressed in colourful attire on the one side and spotless white and black dress on the other.

A short and sweet speech on “Varalakshmi Vritham” lead us to a melodious number rendered by the talented nightingales of the class. Then came the most anticipated moment of quizzing. It was time for the children to put on their thinking caps and they were enthusiastic as always in their responses to the questions posed.

The assembly drew to a close with some inspiring words from Ms. Mythrei and the show came to a close with the vote of thanks proposed by the children to the Principal, the teachers, support staff and most importantly the people behind the success of the show.

The day’s assembly as always provided the children with another platform to showcase their innate talents and the spirited display from the children enthused one and all present.

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