Assembly by Grade 5D (August, 2019)

Topic: Respect and Care

Grade 5D students presented their class assembly on the theme ‘Respect and Care’. The assembly aimed at sensitizing the children about the importance of showing respect and caring for others.

The MCs began the show with two beautiful quotes. Children shared a good thought with the audience in the hope that it would dispel any negative thoughts. A thought provoking speech outlined the importance of respecting one another. A short and crisp report followed apprising the young audience on the news.

What followed were a line of performances including a song called ‘Everybody in Special’, recitation of a poem and a dance, choreographed to the song, “Heal the World”. An interesting skit titled “Respect – Boomerang – Show it and earn it” emphasised on the importance of earning respect. Fun riddles tested the logical and analytical reasoning of the audience which was followed by the vote of thanks.

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