Assembly by Grade 6A (August, 2018)

The theme of the day’s assembly was “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”.

The children assembled enthusiastically on a cloudy morning and heralded the events with the ‘thought for the day’.

The NEWS for the day followed next and highlighted the recent events both National and International. Latest in the field of sports, advancements in the field of science and update on the weather was shared with all.

A short, informative speech on the poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore was presented, followed by a thought-provoking skit, the theme of which was truly in spirit with the topic of the day’s assembly.

The assembly also included a fast-paced well-choreographed dance.

A speech on the theme “Service above Self” in the words and actions of Rabindranath Tagore brought to the fore the essence of the day’s proceedings. The quiz that followed had been eagerly been looked forward to by the audience, who were able to answer most questions.

The assembly drew to a close with inspiring words from Ms. Radhika Madhavan and the curtains came down with the vote of thanks proposed by the students.

The day’s assembly true to its character provided the children with yet another platform to showcase their innate talents.

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