Assembly by Grade 6A (5 September, 2016)

Teachers' Day

The aim of the Assembly on Teachers Day was, ‘Learn the Leaning’. It was to inculcate a spirit of learning in the children teaching that learning can be imbibed from everywhere and anytime.The objective was to enable students to take learning from all walks of life and through a simple & easy manner.

The assembly started with Soumya&Adwaith compering the program and setting the context for each of the program items through role performance. It included News, thought, skit, poem, dance and of course the much looked forward to Quiz.

The first item of the program was a prayer on ‘Salutations to the Gurus’ sung by Aananthie, Aditi, Tia, Tharun, Akhilesh, Vijay, Ira and Karthik.This was followed by a talk on ‘Proverbs’ by Aditi. ‘The news was presented by Smruti, Aananthie, Boomika, Priyamvada and Krish..

The poem in Hindi eulogizing nature in its forms of clouds, rain, trees was rendered by Humaira, Tia, Bhuva and Krish.

This was followed by a speech by Krish and Dev on Traffic Lights and how they teach us leadership & discipline. Humaria spoke on ‘Postage Stamps’to convey the message on ideals and stick with principles.

The skit by Richa, Boomika, Bhuva, Aananthie and Smruthi taught prioritization in life. There were lighter moments in the form of conversation between teachers and students but with a meaningful message by Pranav, Lalit, Vijay and Tharun.

Asmita spoke about learning from books while, Riithvic, Neeraj and Priyamvada gave a talk on good qualities of leaders. Hey spoke on Rabindranath Tagore, Dr S Radhakrishan and Swami Vivekananda. The importance of teachers in life was communicated by Sanjana.

The lively dance was performed by Smruthi, Asmita, Aditi, Ira, Richa, Sanjana and Priyamvada and the quiz was conducted by Neeraj & Akhilesh.

The finale was a song about teachers and the important role they play.

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