Assembly by Grade 7A (11 August, 2016)

The Grade 7A Assembly was conducted on the 11th August, 2016.

The topic was ‘A Journey till 1947’.

Anusha D and S.P. Akshiya were brilliant as MCs, introducing the topic for the assembly and speaking about India before Independence. It was then followed by a News Session. Madhumita, Akhilesh, E. Sivadharshini, P.Mokshagn Naidu reported the day’s news. The thought for the day was given by Nithika K.A.

This topic was chosen thinking that it is more apt to pay homage to our martyrs and respect our country on its 70th year of Independence. The message conveyed was to make India a better place to live in and respect the freedom, peace and unity in diversity. The show was an absolute delight to watch. Theatre, music and dance made this event a spectacular one.

Students put up a dance drama showcasing the British rule and their atrocities like Jallianwallah Bagh massacre, Quit India Movement and Dandi March (Salt Satyagraha), to name a few.

The song that was sung during Dandi March, ‘Raghupathi raghava rajaram’ was sung by the choir. This was followed by an effective speech on ‘Tryst with Destiny’ by Adit Dudani. A group of students presented a dance for the patriotic song, ‘Maa Tujhe salam’ and stole the show on the occasion.

The students enjoyed the quiz that was conducted by Aakash H. Iyer and Adit Dudani. Children who answered correctly were given a chocolate bar!

Anusha and Akshiya ended the show with a speech on , quoting his words for the future generation and reading a beautiful Tamil kavidhai written by him!

Ms. Sandhya delivered a speech on how we need to enjoy our freedom without misusing it.

The assembly was indeed one that all students involved themselves enthusiastically and conducted it with commitment.

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