Assembly by Grade 7A (November, 2018)

Topic: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Author Roald Dahl and his books have an irreplaceable place in most children’s hearts. Dahl’s famous book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the theme chosen by the students of grade 7A.

The show began with a brief introduction of the author, the book and the popularity gained by the book and movie alike. The performance showcased the setting of Willy Wonka meeting and entertaining the five children who were the golden ticket winners.

The news, an insight into different chocolates and the manufacturing process and a chocolate – based quiz entertained the audience.

Peppy dances to foot – tapping tunes and a yo-yo trick presentation in rhythm to a popular music album were the highlights of the show.

Hard work and persistent practice by the students helped in the success of the show proving Roald Dahl’s words, “We are the makers of music and we are the dreamers of dreams”.

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