Assembly by Grade 8A (2 July, 2019)

Topic: Leadership

Everyone defines leadership differently. While for some it’s about having a futuristic vision, for others it is about being assertive and confident. Students of Grade 8A had their own take on leadership which they exhibited through their assembly.

The MCs started the show by explaining the concept of leadership. The local, national, international, weather, science and sports news were shared with the audience.

To emphasise on the impact of a leader, a student recited a poem which elaborated on the role a leader and how he inspires others to achieve their goals.

A speech on the influence of leaders from history through the ages reminded us of the impact that a leader has.

Our students brought to life leaders like Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Malala Yousafzai and William Shakespeare through the medium of a skit. Showcasing defining moments from their life, the skit struck a chord with the audience.

To lighten the atmosphere, the dancers in the class took to the stage with a fusion number which received a grand applause.

The show ended with a vote of thanks.

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