Assembly by Grade 8B (August, 2018)


Festivals are an integral part of our life. They bring people together and reinforce our faith. While Onam celebrations across the country and in our school were a muted affair, students of grade 8B took the opportunity to remind the school of the festival’s significance. Our hearts and minds are with the people and our prayers for alleviation of the situation.

The show started with a witty repartee between the two hosts, first in Malayalam and then in English. The thought for the day and the news were presented in succession. A group of students then picked a traditional Malayalam song and presented it with a modern twist.

A speech was presented on the significance of the Onam followed by a skit that enacted the story of King Mahabali. In line with the theme, a group of students then presented a traditional Kerala dance where women dance around a lamp.

The quiz, always an exciting part of the assembly, was based on Onam and the audience was quick to give their answers. The last act was a song performance in memory of the traditional boat races conducted in Kerala. The assembly came to an end with the vote of thanks.

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