Assembly by Grade 8 B (4 August, 2016)

“An assembly is a podium where the children show case their talents in different forms giving various speeches bringing a kind to art and literature”.

The grade 8B assembly took place on Thursday, the 4th August 2016. The theme for the Assembly was ‘Festivals’ which comprised a package of songs, street play and dances. Isabella and Prajna took the audience through the show ‘Festivals’. Lakshmi, Aashna and Urvi began with the invocation song. It was followed by a speech on ‘Festivals and Celebrations’ by Rahul in English, ‘Thyohar’ by Adeeba in Hindi and about ‘Thiruvizha’ byLakshmi in Tamil respectively. The reporters Rahul Muruganandan, Vaishnav and Rohit kept the audience informed with their news updates. Thereafter Shreya, Lakshmi, brindha and Sanjana sang a soothing song ‘Azhagai’. Students put up a play with a deep and valuable message. The message was to care and share and have community responsibility. Starring in it were Rahul Mukerjee, Vaishnav and Rahul Muruganandan.

The assembly came to an end with the grand finale, of a Navarathri dance by the students followed by the closing song by Adeeba and Tharuniyaa. The vote of thanks was proposed by Ashritha. The assembly left both the teachers and students in a contemplative as well as a reflective mood.

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