Assembly by Grade 9 (30 June, 2016)

Real life heroes was the theme portrayed by the students of grade 9, for their class assembly.

The assembly started with the MCs Vishnu Priya and Rhea, giving the introduction, followed by thought for the day by Swati.

This was followed by News about happenings in and outside our country delivered with clarity by Suriya, Sakthi, Ryan and Manish. Educational news was given by Jason.

The theme of real life heroes was showcased by a skit by Rohan and Anent, which was about the life of Capt. Vikram Batra and which projected the service of the army to guard the country.

Jameel gave a speech on the life of Witold Pilecki, a freedom fighter of Poland who had fought against the atrocities of Hitler during the Second World War.

The Quiz Masters, Jameel. Gurucharan and Rohan, were extremely professional. The questions were challenging and provoked students’ curiosity and interest. Riddles by Harsh and Viraj were thought provoking.

The jokes were presented in the form of short skit by Viraj, Manish and Nithin, which provided the students with laughter and enjoyment.

Nikhil reinforced the topic with a presentation of facts of some lesser well known heroes who have also contributed their share of patriotism and loyalty to their countries.

The finale was a dance by the students on series of medlies, in which students moved rhythmically to music following a sequence of steps. The audience enjoyed it thoroughly.

A speech by Ms. Geeta Bharadwaj completed the show. She appreciated the assembly and talked of heroes in the tech world who have contributed to making the world a technologically savvy place.

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