Assembly by Grade 9A (July, 2018)

Social Media- The confusing coin

The morning sets the day and the assembly paves the way for our students to rejuvenate their spirits, remain rooted to moral values and unleash their vitality. With the rising acceptance of social media, students of Grade 9A presented their assembly on the topic “Social Media – the confusing coin”. As the youth today is constantly influenced by social media, this assembly was to expose both sides of the coin.

The assembly started with a prelude to the topic. A group of students introduced the topic through a mime. The User, Facebook, and WhatsApp played their part as the MCs. The entire assembly was a depiction of the videos and music played on different apps. The News channel projected the international, national and sports news followed by the weather report. A scintillating dance was performed by the boys dance group. A melodious fusion song was presented by a group of students.

A talk show was presented which highlighted the issue of virality of videos on social media and ended with some advice to the audience on pros and cons of social media. A fusion dance was performed by the girls dance group with the audience enjoying the dance-off. The quiz was presented in a unique format with questions displayed in the form of emojis for proverbs. The audience had an interesting time identifying the proverb. The assembly concluded with a vote of thanks.

Ms. Jeba Andrew in her speech, reiterated the rising importance of social media and safeguards one must put in place while using the same. Cyber bullying is a reality today and the audience was apprised of the significance of being a safe user.

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