ARCHIVES 2014-2015
Certificate Distribution Ceremony - Grades 1 - 5

The months of November and December witnessed students of grades (1-5) participating in numerous competitions. The certificate distribution ceremony of competitions for the academic year (2014-15) was held on the 5th of March 2015.

Students of the primary wing participated enthusiastically in various competitions, organized by various departments- Arts, Literary, Math, Performing Arts and GK. The encouragement provided by the teachers and peers inspired the students to do their best.

The excitement was evident in the students as the day of Certificate distribution approached. The prize winners were greeted with cheerful applause from an enthusiastic audience.

Mrs. Sudha Balan, Principal NPSI, congratulated the winners and encouraged all the students to participate and do their best.

The Inter Class Competitions provided the opportunity for the students to explore their hidden talents.

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