Childrens' Day

The kindergarteners celebrated Children's Day on 14th November. The day was filled with fun and enjoyment. Teachers choreographed an event which included singing, dancing, and skit made the day special for them.

'The cap seller and the monkey' was enacted sending the children into splits. This was followed by a group dance based on an Assamese folk song. The popular children’s song 'Lakadi ki kathi' was then sung by the teachers.

As for the Montessori, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his great love of children was shared with the children. Following this was a skit enacted by the teachers “The Enormous Turnip” which was a visual feast for them. The skit was followed by a music and dance performance. “Madumeikum Kanne...” was sung by the teachers even as the dancers among them performed the steps.

A magic show was arranged inviting the famous magician Mrs. Rani. The children participated in the show and enjoyed the magic tricks.

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