Children's Week 2017

"A child has a special way of adding joy to everyday”.

Pandit Nehru’s birthday is commemorated across all schools in the country on the 14th of November. This day is celebrated as Children’s day as he believed that children were buds who ought to be nurtured lovingly and carefully.

NPS believes that every child is the pride of the institution and at NPSI, an array of programmes awaited them on this special day. The coruscating programmes included dances, music, skit and a power-packed Zumba performance by the teachers. Children were delighted to see their teachers up on stage in various costumes and conduct.

Celebrations extended to the whole week converting it into Children’s week.

Puppet show conducted for the students of KG and Montessori was received enthusiastically. The zest of the little ones was expressed though laughter and applause.

Nothing beats a magic show when it comes to entertainment and engagement. Students of grades 1 and 2 were awestruck at the tricks presented by the magician. Their amazement knew no boundaries as the water changed its colour and the table was raised before their eyes.

The highlight of the celebrations was the craft and paper- mache sessions conducted. Grades 1-4 prepared fluttering rabbit, pin wheel and frog puppet in the craft session while grades 5-7 made various animals such as dogs, cats, dolphins and butterflies in paper-mache session. The creative, imaginative and observation skills of the students were honed throughout. The Grade 8 students were treated to a rare demonstration of vegetable carving. We owe the success of the week to all the experts, who were kind enough to share their skill and talent.

Celebrations that extended through the week saw the children in full vigour and thrill.

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