Early Learning Sports Day 2016 - 2017

The early learning sports day ran for 2 days, the first day the 24th of March was for the Montessori students and 25th of March was all for the Kindergarteners. It began with a walkathon followed by aerobic exercises preparing them for the races. Much coordination and joy was exhibited during the display.

The races were interesting and varied. The Kindergarteners included ‘filling the bottle’, ‘putting on daddy’s shirt’ in their races, while the Montessorians had ‘fanning oneself’, ‘wearing the goggles’, “being cool”, summer races.

Children were in bright colours of yellow, pink, green and orange. The ambience was vibrant and young. There were balloons to make the environment cheery and fun. Every single child, 240 of them, was a winner. They walked home with a medal hanging around their neck and waving their certificate. Cameras flashed, videos taken, applause rendered as the young ones walked away beaming.

Every single member in the audience became young again as they cheered and waved to the children. The volunteers as usual did us proud by helping the little ones, ensuring that the materials were in place, pitching in when they were needed, giving the command, playing the band and blowing the whistle for starting. The grade 8 and 9 children were indeed responsible youngsters.

The 24th and 25th of March, the last event for the academic year was a true culmination, like the icing on the cake!

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