Environment Awareness session by Tree Foundation

An environmental awareness session for students of grades 6-8 was conducted on 27th September, 2018 by Ms. Shalini from the Tree Foundation.

The session began by introducing Ms. Shalini who is an environmental engineer and works as a programme coordinator for Tree Foundation. She has been associated with this organisation for over a year and arranges awareness programme for school and colleges across Chennai. Ms. Shalini took over the session by introducing the slogan “SAY NO TO PLASTICS”.

Ms. Shalini spoke to the students on the deleterious effect of plastics. Videos were shown to the students related to the harm that plastics are causing to our environment and particularly, sea turtles. Students were taken aback watching the impact that plastics have on biodiversity.

Ms Shalini also spoke to them about customised fishing nets that Tree Foundation has developed that help safeguard turtles.

Students were bursting with questions by the end of the session. They eagerly accepted the invite of the resource person to visit the sites where elephants and turtles are being reared by them.

The session ended by thanking her with a big round of applause.

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