1. What is the admission process? The first step is registration for admission by submission of the completed form (form is available on the website only). Kindly check the “Admissions” link in the website for details.
  2. What is the fee and when is it payable? School fee has to be paid in one instalment in the first week of April every year.
  3. How is the fee to be paid? The fee has to be paid by Demand Draft drawn in favour of NAFL Trust, Chennai.
  4. What is the average student strength of a class? Each class would have an average of 25-30 students.
  5. What is the academic calendar? The academic calendar is from June to March.
  6. What are the vacation schedules? Summer break is in April/May, Dasara vacations in September/October and Winter vacations in December. The holiday schedule for the academic year will be mentioned in the school Almanac.
  7. Is NPS International Chennai a day boarding school? NPS International Chennai is a day school.
  8. What are the school timings? 9.00 a.m. to 12.45 p.m. for Montessori and Kindergarten and 8.10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for the rest of the school.
  9. What do our children need to bring for refreshments? There is a snack break in the morning and a Lunch break. Students need to bring healthy, wholesome food. Those students who have opted for extra curricular activities may also bring suitable refreshments for the evening.
  10. Are text books and notebooks provided by the school? The school will facilitate for study materials, text books, note books etc to avoid hardships for the parents to procure them.
  11. When will we get the books for the academic year? Books will be issued before school commences. In case of delay in the consignment of some books, the same will be issued to the students after school begins.
  12. Does the school facilitate the procurement of uniforms? The school will facilitate the procurement of Uniforms/shoes. It will be organized through an authorised uniform dealer whose contact details will be given to you.
  13. Does the school provide transport facility? We have already appointed a reputed transport contractor to extend the benefit of transport to our students. Details are available in the “Facilities” section of the website.
  14. How do we apply if we are not residing in India? For those who wish to apply from outside the country, you may e-mail the duly filled in application form to the respective email id in the website.
  15. How do we apply if we are residents of India but residing outside Chennai? You may post/courier the duly filled in application form along with the required documents to the school address with Demand Draft of Rs.300 drawn in favour of NAFL Trust, Chennai.
  16. When can we visit the campus? As NPS International is a fully functional school now, campus tour for parents and others will not be allowed for security reasons.
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