Grade 10 Field trip
Kovalam Beach - Bay of Life

On a bright and sunny Thursday morning of November, 2016, the students of Grade 10, dressed in casuals and sporting bright and enthusiastic smiles, accompanied by the teachers went on a field trip to Kovalam Beach, organised by the Bay of Life.

The trip took about 45 minutes from the school to the venue. At the venue, the organisers met us and took us to the beach, where after depositing the bags and other belongings, the students were ready for the activities for the day.

The trip organiser and guide, Mr. Siddharth first talked to the students about the basic rules of the beach and the ecosystem, the kinds of aquatic ecosystems and the designs adapted by the animals that occupy this niche. After the talk, the students did the first activity ‘Scavenger Hunt’.

They walked along the beach and collected specimens of corals, sea shells and other materials usually found along a beach. This was followed by a live specimen study, through which the children learnt about various life forms and got to understand the marine ecosystem. Topics covered were-habitat, habit, food chain, food web, adaptation, exoskeleton, endoskeleton, scales, respiration, metabolism, digestion, feeding habits and reproduction.

After a short break - there was a visit to the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI). Here the students were able to view sea-water samples, analyse sand grains and classify them based on morphology, observe movement of macro molluscs and other macroscopic nauplius larvae. They also interacted with the scientists and their research work on sand lobsters, spiny lobsters and flat fish.

The visit concluded with a Walk along the backwaters of Muttukadu and understanding the importance of brackish water ecology, studying the habit and habitats of resident and migratory birds.

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