Grade 1 field trip
Chennai Equestrian Academy

The students of Grade 1 set off on their first field trip to Chennai Equestrian Academy with buoyant spirit. On reaching the venue students settled down to have their snacks on the lush green patch.

Each Section was assigned a guide who took them around the stables. Children observed the different breeds of horses, ponies and race horses which had numbers on them. Children learnt that horses just like humans have socks on their feet and a shoe that helps them to get a grip to run faster. The children were then taken to the Rodeo, where the guide assisted the children to climb up. It was a beginner’s session which taught the children to mount on the horse. This was indeed an experience which created excitement among the children.

The children sat down under the tree and enjoyed the cool breeze while the guide explained the various tricks involved in grooming a horse.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip and returned with spirits high and waiting to share the new found information about horses with their parents.

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