Grades 6 - 8 Field trip
A day as a Farmer

Coconut and guava trees, green paddy fields and ponds with fish, butterflies fluttering over the bushes, birds on the mango trees.... these were the sights and sounds that Farm Guru provided to the students of grades 6, 7 and 8 on the bright and pleasant morning of January 20th. Mr. Seshasayee, the founder of the 62 acre farm, located 30 km from the city and Mr. Veer, the student coordinator, welcomed the students after a long bus ride that saw the students singing songs and making merry.

An introductory session helped the children realise the importance one has to show to the land, the soil and the farmer. The students, after a simple, yet tasty breakfast, were divided into groups as they took turns in playing the farmer….. ploughing the fields in the traditional way with the bulls and the plough, sowing seeds and harvesting the ripe paddy seeds. The irrigated fields and the lush green paddy fields proved enticing as the children enthusiastically worked on the fields. They also took turns to harvest some organically grown radishes. The fresh tender coconut water provided between the activities proved a welcome refresher to the young farmers.

After a sumptuous vegetarian meal cooked with vegetables and rice grown at the farm, the children were explained about what organic farming was – use of bio-fertilisers and organic manure. The application of modern technology at the farm was also explained. As a finale to the day, the children enjoyed the fishing demonstration and were thrilled on touching the slippery fish. The day as a farmer was well spent as the students returned to school in the evening with the harvested radish earned as a reward for their labour at the fields.

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