KG2 field trip
Field trip to a Supermarket

The children of the kindergarten were excited on Wednesday, the 15th October, 2014 for they were off on an extended study tour to a well- known supermarket. The whole week, the planning was on and the students were being prepared towards this trip.

The trip in the school bus was filled with the voices of the young as they sang their favourite rhymes and songs. There was time in the bus for bird watching and sightseeing as well as bonding with their friends.

In the supermarket children learnt stocking and segregating of products into different sections. They were thrilled to see so many items on the display and recognized most of the products.

There was a beeline near the billing counter as the little ones chose an item from the ones that were laid out for them. Biscuits, chips and chocolates were the favorites. They understood the concept of buying and selling when they purchased and made independent choices while selecting. While coming back the conversation was all about their experiences, what all they bought, their observations in the supermarket and finally their favorite item which they have picked up.

Overall it was a fun filled learning experience for all.

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