Founder's Day 2017 - 2018

Founder's Day was held on the twelfth of June 2017 to commemorate the entering of the school into its fourth year and its achievements thus far. Every year, the event is held to celebrate how far the school has come since it started, the visions that the school upholds and the achievements that the school has yet to accomplish. Furthermore, the day also celebrates NPS as a whole, remarking the various achievements of other NPS schools as well.

As senior students are usually placed in charge of the Founder's Day assembly event, this year followed the tradition. The students of Grade 11 started the day off with a short assembly to educate the students not only about the school, but about the NPS group of institutions and its founding fathers, including Dr. K P Gopalkrishna, the founder and chairman. Hariharan Venkat and Adarsh Krishna Vallurupalli were comperes for the assembly and made the event concise, but also expressive and entertaining. Ms. Sweta presented her views and experiences in the school as a teacher and Pranay Venkatesh of Grade 11 presented his views in the school as a senior student. The comperes, Adarsh and Hariharan also hosted a small quiz for the students, testing their knowledge about the school. The students were simultaneously educated about the school and entertained by the event. The principal, Ms. Sudha Balan wrapped up the event by speaking to the students about their responsibilities in carrying out the school's vision and inspiring others to do so as well.

The festive atmosphere was created by the founder's day chart that was put up by the art teacher in the assembly area. The students' drawings and colourings decorated the school, giving it a vibrant and overall pleasing appearance. A video collage was displayed to the students in each and every class, detailing the school's history and its founders.

Overall, the students got to know more about their school and its founders in an entertaining fashion.

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