Ganamrutham 2015 August 21, 2015

“Music is the strongest form of magic” This is a quote by Marilyn Manson.

True to this quote the annual events for the year 2015 was commemorated by the Ganamrutham 2015 at NPS International, Chennai on the 21st of August 2015. Around 325 students of the primary grades set ablaze the magical treat with over 750 audience ready to be mesmerized.

The show started off with singing a hayagrivasloka followed by the song ‘Jayosthute’, a popular number. ‘Pooraya Mama Kaamam’ a classical song was rendered by the senior choir and the younger students. These beautifully rendered invocation songs set the stage for the others to melodiously sing the various genres of songs.

The school Vice Prefect,JananiSrikanth, delivered the welcome speech, while NivedithaBalaji of grade 9 thanked all for their presence. The masters of ceremony were the students of grades 4 and 5 who took the audience gracefully through the entire show.

Students of Grade 1 began with the tender tunes followed by Grade 2 who sang on nature, friendship and about dolls and went on to the Grade 3 students presenting a mix of peppy beats and a slow number.Grade 4 brought alive the patriotic fervour and the show ended with the regional rhythms by the Grade 5 students who presented rich classic numbers of Indian folk pieces.

Students were aptly and very strongly supported by the accompanying artists, Mr.S.Rajaram on Flute, Mr.B.Venkata Subramanian on Mirudhangam, Mr.Manikandadass on Keyboard and Mr.Y.P.Ganesh on Violin.

On this occasion,Mrs.SudhaBalan the principal spoke about the richness of music and to inculcate this at home. She appreciated all those who were involved in the show. The finale to the show was the song ‘HongeKaammiyaab’ by popular requests from the students.

The parents and guests highly appreciated the way in which the students conducted themselves. The culture of the school is for the seniors to help the juniors, and grade 8 students did this like professionals, truly being the back stage support team, helping them within the classroom as well as in the logistics and in every area that was required.

Ms.S.Lakshmi, the Music Teacher, young and passionate along with Ms.InduKasturi, Faculty member, had been with the students throughout the practice sessions which were required to bring out such a flawless and perfect presentation.

The day was indeed memorable with the parents taking back with them these numbers, humming these tunes as they went home.

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