Ganamrutham is the concert of the Primary years’ students, all of a 500 or more, rendering to perfection the songs they had learnt. Music ringing in every ear, their melodious numbers brought forth much appreciation.

The walls, the rooms and even the air around the school reverberated with the joyous and soulful music that flowed from the portals of NPSI, Chennai.

The students of the primary years transcended all barriers – language, religion and boundaries to entertain the audience with their rendition of popular and not so popular tunes.

Various genres of music was selected. Notes from the east, west, north and south of the country were selected for the annual musical bonanza GANAMRUTHAM.

Melodious, catchy songs in Hindi and English were added to this potpourri of musical presentation.

The diction and perfect enunciation of the lyrics of the songs in languages that these children are non-conversant with, is worthy of note.

Be it a devotional song or a hip cracking number, a patriotic track or just a melodious ditty, their sincere and heartfelt portrayal by the students caught the fancy of the each and every one gathered for the occasion.

The Chief Guest of the show Shri T. M. Krishna appreciated the young musicians over their exemplary performance.

The end of program caught every member of the audience humming one or the other tune belted out by the students and therein lay the proof of the success of Ganamrutham 2017-18.

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