‘Animals’ - Outdoor Activity

The thematic learning on ‘Animal Kingdom’ was carried out using numerous videos and hands-on activities that enthralled the children and introduced them into the world of animals.

Children watched videos of weaver birds, humming birds and tailor birds building their nests. They went to the field, collected twigs, dried leaves, grass and other materials and tried to build nests, thus understanding the various nuances involved in nest building.

Children heightened their sense of dexterity in the beak study activity by using various tools to pick up food items. They were also able to comprehend that eggs are of different shapes, sizes and textures.

The last session culminated with the children going out on the grounds. They went out with their spirits high, colours in hand and unleashed the artist within them. They coloured pictures of different animals and birds that were put up on the walls.

With soft drinks in hands, caps on their heads, crayons to work with, and the mood outside was one of fun and frolic.

Conceived and designed by The Scribble