Hindi Diwas 2016 - 2017

NPSI, Chennai celebrated its Hindi Diwas on 8th November 2016.

The programme started with an invocation song ‘Humko man ki Shakthidena…’ composed by Gulzar.

Grade 9 students were the Master of Ceremony. Hindi speech was rendered by Urvi Deshmukh of Grade 8 which was translated well in English by Soumya Maloo of Grade 6.

Food for thought was valuable and thought provoking – Spoken from Kabir and Rahim’s Doha; with powerful messages.

The Skit by Grade 5 students was about the importance of eating fruits like mangoes, bananas, grapes etc., - Students became different fruits and brought out the nutrients in each.

A group song by Grade 7 titled - ‘Hindibhaasha…Rashtrakibhaasha..’ written by H. N. Singh was sung melodiously. A poem titled ‘Ladli Beti haiye Hindi’ composed by Mrinalini Ghulewas and rendered without any flaw by V. Akhilesh of Grade 7.

The programme culminated with riddles to tickle the brain and brawn.

Vote of thanks was rendered by Advait of Grade 6 graciously.

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