International Yoga Day 21 June, 2016

The International Yoga Day was celebrated on the 21st of June at NPS International, Chennai. On this day, students came wearing sparkling white suits and were eager to perform the asanas that had been taught to them through the years. The Yoga Teacher Ms. Menaga was only too eager to impart and to focus on the importance of Yoga asanas as well as pranayam.

The day started with a prayer and was followed by asanas that were performed with focus in the morning Assembly. Students of Grades 1 to 10 were involved in celebrating this day. They understood that Yoga transforms the body and the mind and one becomes physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.

Ms. Sumathi, a faculty who herself is a practitioner of Yoga, spoke about the benefits of Yoga and brought home the influence of this to the young minds. Students were made aware that concentration, flexibility and control of breathing are attained through these asanas.

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