Investiture Ceremony

Students of today are the visionaries and torch bearers of tomorrow with our school ensuring to inculcate leadership qualities amongst the students for not only the smooth conduct of activities, but to espouse confidence and a sense of responsibility among them.

June 23, 2016 was one of the most awaited events for the students of grade 9 and 10. They were to be bestowed the responsibility of becoming the Office bearers to carry out the duties assigned for their post. To celebrate this occasion with our Principal, Mrs. Sudha Balan and the Administrator, Mrs. Lalitha Das, Brigadier Krishna Sampath was invited to be the Chief Guest to honour the students. He is a second generation Army Officer of the Indian Army, who had been awarded ‘Gold Medal’ for being first in order of merit and also ‘Sword of Honour’.

The programme began with the welcome speech by Ms. Nalini.

As per the tradition students were pinned the badges and they carried the school and House flags. Brigadier Sampath pinned the badges to the proud students.



School Prefect
Janani Srikanth
Vice Prefect
Vishnupriya. G
Sports Captain
V. Harine
Captain of Challengers
B. Hariharan
Vice Captain of Challengers
Swathishri. B
Captain of Explorers
Adarsh Krishna Vallurupalli
Vice Captain of Explorers
Rishajit Prakash
Captain of Pioneers
Vice Captain of Pioneers
Jason Aaromal.P
Captain of Voyagers
Sankeerth Shankar
Vice Captain of Voyagers
Viraj Veerababu
Literary Club President
Akash Sankar
Literary Club Secretary
Rhea Attokaran
Photography Club President
Pretham Kevin Christopher
Photography Club Secretary
Ananth Venkatesh
Cyber Club President
S.P.Shibu Jeyanth
Cyber Club Secretary
Nikhil Sivakumar
Science Club President
Hariharan Venkat
Science Club Secretary
Jameel Ahamed. S
Performing Arts Club President
B. Shruti
Performing Arts Club Secretary
B. Nitin Ragavendar
Quiz Club President
Pranay Venkatesh
Quiz Club Secretary
E. Sakthi Aravind
Environment Club President
Nivedhitha Balaji
Environment Club Secretary
R. Kavya
Magazine Editor
Rohan. G. Nair and T. M. Srinivasan

The young leaders took on the oath to carry out their responsibilities to the best of their abilities. The Chief Guest congratulated the newly appointed.

The solemn ceremony was interspersed by colours of cultural events. While, Shreya Vikram of Grade 8 mesmerised the audience by playing a melodious tune on the flute, the dance by students of Grade 8 was colourful, energetic and the icing on the cake.

Ms. Vilasini concluded the programme by proposing the vote of thanks. She thanked the Chief Guest, Mr. Sampath, Principal and the Administrator.

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