ARCHIVES 2015-2016
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Pongal Celebrations

Pongal celebration was colourful, vibrant and delicious. Celebration on the 14th of January 2016 began with the assembly of grade 4B students. The song, dance, skit and talk by the students gave a deep insight into the celebration of PONGAL.

The continuation of this festival was held in the school ground. The staff prepared the area making it traditional and auspicious by decorating it with kolam, flowers and sugarcanes. The ‘kuthu vilakku’ was lit on the center of the kolam and the fire for making pongal was built using dried sticks. The pot was placed on the brick stones surrounding the fire. The celebration involved boiling of milk, rice and jaggery and letting it rise and over flow the pot. The young children of Early Learning and students of grades 1 & 2 participated in this celebration. The grade 2 students sang folk songs describing the PONGAL festival while waiting for the milk to over flow. The children raised their voice in excitement, crying “Pongalo Pongal” when the pot overflowed and wished each other happily. Later the pongal was offered to the Sun God on a banana leaf with broken coconut. The delicious and warm sweet pongal was tasted by all the students.

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