Sargam 2015 - 2016
“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy” - Beethoven.

True to this quote, the Kindergarten Musical Event for the year was commemorated as Sargam 2015-16 at NPS International, Chennai on the 2nd of April 2016. It was a bright, sunny day with 120 students of the kindergarten assembled in bright and colourful costumes, ready to enthral the audience.

The programme included a variety of events like group songs, riddles, dance and a magic show.

The masters of ceremony grabbed the attention of the spectators with their smart attire and steered the show gracefully. The event started off with a prayer song on Lord Ganesha, followed by a group medley on nature, food, festivals, jungle, Our Earth, birds, bubbles and the kindergarten song aided with props. The peppy songs were supported by the keyboard which added rhythm to the event. The various genres of songs captivated the audience. The Finale song was a message to protect and preserve Our Earth. It was indeed fascinating to watch the children perform with confidence.

A lively and energising dance performance by the children was the highlight of the show. Every child took part in it with great enthusiasm. The riddle masters quizzed the audience brain teasers and the parents enthusiastically participated and received gifts. The little magicians` performed tricks and mesmerised everyone with their magical prowess. The jokes narrated by our children were appreciated by everyone.

The guests were thrilled to watch the photographs of their little ones participating in varied events including festivals, during prayer, snack time, exercising, activity time and inside their classrooms. Ms.S.Lakshmi, our music teacher, young and passionate had been with the children throughout the practice sessions, encouraging and motivating them to render a perfect presentation. The parents and guests were elated to watch their young ones perform with poise.

On this occasion, Mrs.Sudha Balan our Principal spoke about the positive impact of music and the need to inculcate from this tender age. She appreciated every person involved in the show. The Grade 5 students helped the children organise and supported them throughout the event. It was a memorable day!

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