Special Science Contest from QED

Leon Davis of Grade 6 did the school proud by winning the special science contest conducted by the Center for the Art of Science.

The competition was conducted in three stages. The first round was on videotaping hands-on activity and uploading in any social networking sites. The activity could be on any concept related to Water and its Properties and Newton’s Law. There were nearly 200 entries which made the event even more competitive. Five of our students participated in the competition.

We do commend these students' efforts - B. Hariharan, Sankeerth Sankar, Siddhanth Iyengar, Pranay Venkatesh and Leon Davis.

Leon Davis was selected one among the top five contestants for the semi-finals in the category- Newton’s Law. The final contest was thrilling experience as Leon Davis bagged the third prize in his category.

We congratulate the winners and all the participants. Leon was awarded a Bluetooth Speaker as a gift for winning the contest.

The supported teachers were given appreciation certificates for the same. The school was awarded a special prize for the maximum number of entries.

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