ARCHIVES 2015-2016
Solar Activity

In order to take advantage of the warm and sunny July weather, the school decided to conduct a series of activities around solar energy. The experiments and activities for each class were devised and planned for the week from July 12 to July 17. The students were infused with a great spirit of excitement, and eagerly brought in all the requisite materials and equipment.

The activity for grade 3 to 5 was based on the concepts of “Evaporation and Condensation”. The process was made clear by applying the principle of Distillation - purifying salt water into distilled water. For their setup, children brought two bowls, a large one and a smaller one which could fit inside the other. Salt was dissolved in some water in the larger bowl. The smaller, empty bowl was placed in the larger one, which was covered with a plastic sheet. A pebble was placed in the center of the sheet so that it pointed into the small bowl. Students placed this setup in the sun in the morning.

By the end of the day, it was observed that the water from the large bowl had transferred into the smaller one, while the salt was left behind. They understood that the evaporated water condensed into droplets in the plastic cover and then fallen into the smaller bowl.

The senior students of the school of grades 6 to 8 performed an experiment using a solar oven created using a cardboard box. The ovens were made by covering their cardboard boxes with black chart paper and lining the inside with aluminum foil. Small pieces of vegetables were placed in a paper cup, covered with a thin plastic sheet and placed inside the oven and kept under in the bright sunlight. By the end of the day, they were delighted to see their vegetables cooked in the heat of the sun. The students were thrilled at the success of their ovens, and excited to replicate the experiments with different ingredients.

The activity was a success both in terms of introducing students towards solar energy and illustrating the concept.

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