Sports Day 2018 - 2019

NPSI,Chennai celebrated its Sports Day with great enthusiasm, exuberance and energy on the 5th of January 2019. The event was marked by the march-past, dazzling displays, athletic events and a glittering prize giving ceremony.

The Chief Guest was Ms. M S Mythili, an alumnus of Ethiraj College and now working as a manager in Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited has represented India in table tennis both at National and International Levels. She has participated in more than 50 tournaments and has won a bronze medal in the Commonwealth Games, one of the many laurels she has won. The occasion was also graced by our administrator Mrs. Lalitha Das, a source of great inspiration and support.

Every event starts with an invocation to the Gods to bless the occasion and make it a success, the invocation sung in praise of Lord Ganesha was befitting to the occasion. It was followed by the Welcome address by our beloved Principal, Mrs. Sudha Balan, who has been the guiding spirit and the inspiration behind all our events, spoke about the importance of sports and how it helps to build personality.

The day began with a colourful and vibrant March Past in which the four houses i.e. Pioneers, Voyagers, Challengers and Explorers marched led by the captain and vice-captain followed by their contingents. The parade was led by the school prefect Shibu Jeyanth. The school band fittingly accompanied these marchers with lilting tunes and added a whole new dimension to the parade.

The lighting of the flame has always been a tradition carried out at all sports events. The flame symbolises that all athletes are equal and will compete fairly to win in the name of sports. The passing of the torch from one athlete to another is the passing of Olympic tradition. The athletes who were a part of the torch run have brought many accolades to the school at both the regional, state and national level.

The Chief Guest was given the general salute followed by the Oath taking by the School Sports Captain Harine on behalf of all the students. The sports meet was declared open and it was now time for the displays.

It commenced with the tiny tots of Grade 1 to 3 who came running onto the field in their blue and red attire to do calisthenics exercises designed to boost metabolism. The perfect synchronisation and precision was a treat for the eyes.

The Carnatic Drum Circle by the students of Grade 8 and 9 followed. Students carried the Kajun, a Brazilian percussion instrument and played them according to the kunnakol, recited to the beats of adi talam. The beats were in perfect unison and created a group consciousness of amazing musicality.

Students of Grade 4 to 7 took us all the way to China with their drill which was a combination of aerobic style dancing and steps. Dressed in green and black and holding fans, the students were grace personified.

The displays were followed by the athletic events, a last chance for all athletes to gain points for their house and in the race for winning the trophy. Students put their best foot forward in all the races that were conducted at various levels: pre-primary, primary, sub-junior, junior, intermediate and senior.

This event could not have been possible without the support of all the parents and the grandparents. An event “Passing the Ball” was also conducted for them. All parents took part in it enthusiastically and showed Great Spirit.

Beating the Retreat is a symbolic event which marks the closure of every important ceremony. Our school band put up a marvellous display and marked the closure with great dignity and fanfare.

Finally, it was time for the much awaited prize ceremony. The athletes at different levels were feted and awarded medals and cups. The teachers who had taken part in a cricket match previously conducted for them also took away their medals.

The individual championship focusing on the dedication and determination of athletes was also lauded. The Intra mural trophy was won by the Explorers House, the athletic trophy was shared between the Pioneers and the Challengers and the overall championship trophy was bagged by the Pioneers who had 355 points to their credit. It gladdened our hearts to see them do the victory lap.

The school prefect rendered the vote of thanks and the function ended with the National Anthem.

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