Talk on Diabetes

Dr. Chitra, Pediatrician at Gleneagles Global Health City gave a talk on Diabetes to the Faculty. She spoke about current statistics of diabetes in India which shows an alarming increase of Type II or obesity related diabetes. She also shared reports which predicts that by 2030 every tenth Indian will be diabetic. The doctor spoke about the types of diabetes their causes, symptoms and complications. Speaking on the symptoms she told about the triad of symptoms - excess thirst, excessive hunger and frequent urination. The cause for Type II diabetes in India is mainly due to the rise in child obesity and consumption of processed foods. She also spoke about how food is used as treat, incentive or reward is leading to a generation which is being overfed and obese. It is said that awareness of the disease like diabetes is half battle won as we can adopt lifestyle changes which can delay or prevent the occurrence of the disease. The talk gave the faculty an understanding of the diabetes, its symptoms and tips of how to prevent it.

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