Utshaham - Cultural Day

The annual cultural day UTSHAHAM of NPS International, Chennai was celebrated over two days.

Day 1, 25th Feb, 2017, saw the students of grades 5 to 8 present the popular Disney story LION KING. There were a total of 200 student artistes up on the stage. There was the choir with the strength of about 70 students, supporting the performers on the stage melodiously and ably. The instrumentalist amongst them, the flautist and the keyboard players performed like professionals. The show enthralled the audience with its perfect rendering of dialogue and movement of dance choreographed by the students themselves. The sheer grandeur of the show took one’s breath away

The teachers had worked hard along with the students for nearly three months. Mr. Krishna, the theatre faculty and Mr. Anand the music teacher had ensured that children reached perfection through their practice and their focus The chief guest of the show, Ms. Vasundhara, senior Kalakshetra professor, had nothing but praises for the manner in which the children and the teachers had put their heart and soul into the program to make it a grand success. The props, the costumes and the stage setting was flawless and was a perfect backdrop to the students’ performance.

The narrators and the MC’s of the show, were the students of grade 8, who kept the audience connected to the presentation that was going on.

Day 2, 26th Feb, 2017, saw the primary years coming on to the stage, each and every student took part in the show. The genre of stories ranged from fairy tales to Krishnaleela. Students of grade 1 presented the popular fairy tales ’Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and ‘Hansel and Gretel’. Students of grade 2 picked one the famous Arabian night’s ‘Alibaba and the Forty Thieves’. While the grade 3 chose a folk lore ‘Goddess of Rice’ from the state of Java.

The culmination was ‘Krishnaleela’ presented by the students of Grade 4 in a colourful and vibrant manner. Mr. Neelu, the well-known stage and film artiste, the chief guest on day 2, speaking about the presentation, was highly appreciative of every single item that came up on stage. He stated that the market scene of Alibaba was so realistic that he felt like getting up and purchasing a few products. He appreciated the teachers and the students, he was breath taken by the costumes, colour and the visual treat that the show created. He appreciated the narrators whose diction was flawless.

The Principal talking on the occasion stated that her teachers were multitalented and her students were able to rise up to any bar and challenges set for them.

All in all it was a memorable two days. Parents who had supported at every juncture went back deeply satisfied and appreciative of the presentation.

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