Vision and mission
Our vision

NPS International, Chennai is a progressive children centered school, driven by values, set in warm and caring environment, emphasizing personalized attention, upholding academic excellence and holistic development of each child.

The school fosters in students, life skills, skills of leadership and entrepreneurship to take on challenges presented by a competitive, ever changing globalizing world.

Our motto

‘REACH OUT, REACH HIGH AND REACH BEYOND’ - the motto of our school is a doctrine that is fastidiously inculcated in the students right from the pre-primary years.

We at NPS are guided by our mission to develop every child into a global citizen, a leader, an entrepreneur and in this endeavor we are committed to:

  • Provide a secure, tranquil and friendly environment for the students
  • Recognize, cultivate and nurture the unique requirements of every child in the school
  • Inculcate, rather than impose upon every child, a sense of self discipline, self regulation to the evolution and emergence of a global citizen, a world leader and an entrepreneur
  • Instill in the students, the significance and substance of 'integrity'
  • Promote independent thinking in the students and in the process, help them to understand and respect alternative views of those around them
  • Create an atmosphere which will ingrain in the child a deep sense of focus, dedication and devotion to the commitments of his life
  • Expose students to a deliberately designed work ethics and study skills, which will help them to cope with the rigours of higher education
  • Inspire the students to be receptive to change and to constantly seek knowledge, and to be challenged, in order that they may "reach out, reach high and reach beyond"
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