World Music/International Yoga Day 2017

Wednesday, June 21st 2017 was a day in NPSI with the celebration of two events, World Music day and the International day of Yoga. Our school students looked like snowflakes in summertime in their all-white attire. The assembly of that day was a special event. Ms. Menaga hosted the show and knowledge was imparted in both events of the day.

The event began with a warm welcome followed by a wonderful group performance of the semi-carnatic score “Shanti nilava vendum” by the budding singers of grades V, IX and XI. The audience were soothed by the calm and lovely notes of the song and were truly at peace and in harmony as the song suggested.

The ideals about music and facts about world music was conveyed to students. It was an informative session with interaction from the students followed by the number “Chinanjiru Kiliye” by Subramanya Bharathi rendered by our music faculty. The importance of Yoga was highlighted by our faculty member stating that yoga is not just a meditative state of existence or physical exercise, but a way of life that gives us what nothing else can give viz. well-being. To see her words in action, we had junior yogis from grade VIII showcasing their physical prowess with a demonstration of Surya Namaskara and various asanas (postures) of Hatha yoga to a spell-bound audience of students and teachers alike.

Words are mere words as long as they are put into action. To facilitate thus, we had an extended yoga session for the students. The students were treated to a special yoga session post assembly. The students were enlightened with priceless knowledge of yoga and yogic practices by specialists from the famous Isha yoga centre. Videos were screened and the invaluable technique of “Upa Yoga” was also taught. They were treated to a one-hour session where enlightenment and wisdom of eons past were shared with the citizens and denizens of the future.

As we preach, so shall we practice, goes the old saying, and we at NPSI wholeheartedly agree. We ended the day with an hour long session of breathing practices as well as Mudra Pranayam and health-aiding postures for the faculty.

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