International Yoga Day and World Music Day 2018

It was World Music Day, and students were exposed to Music during morning assembly. The melodious voice of Ms. Priyadharshini resounded as she sang “Mahaganapathim”. The speech by Ms. Keertha Varrshini on ‘Music’ highlighted the benefits of teaching and learning Music. The day continued with Music being played in the public announcement system of the school.

The entire school was sparkling white. The school ground had the students doing various asanas including Surya Namskaram, a salutation to the Sun god.

The power of yoga and reason to make it a part of one’s life was stated by our faculty Ms. Prianka. The yoga teacher Ms. Menaga conducted the session in a structured manner, ably supported by the PT department.

Experts from the Isha Yoga Foundation were invited to conduct a special yoga session for the senior students.

Students of Grade 12 were the hosts for the events, speaking on the importance of yoga and Music. They emphasized the need to adopt both in one’s life.

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