World Music Day

June 21, 2016 was celebrated as World Music Day with much enthusiasm and joy. The festivities included melodious music by our faculty and students.

The special assembly began with an introduction to the importance of music in our lives by Ms. Leena Venkatesh. This was followed by a mesmerizing music performance by Mr. Anand and Ms. Anita, faculty members of the Physics and Performing Arts departments. The students of Senior School sang peppy numbers, while students of the Primary had soft and gracious bhajans included in the genre.

Mr. Anand spoke about music and its influence on our lives. He added that Music has the power of enhancing brain activity. He concluded with the song ‘This old guitar’, which he stated was one of his favourites.

Our Principal, Mrs. Sudha Balan spoke to the students about music and yoga and how these influence the body, mind and soul. She also stated that we as Indians are proud of having a rich history of Music and for having contributed Yoga to the world.

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