Young Authors' Day (YAD) 2016 - 2017

On March 4th 2017, YAD (Young Author’s Day) was held. The ability to think, inspire and create is one of the greatest rewards of education. At NPSI, we celebrate the fruits of a creative and imaginative mind as the Young Authors’ Day. Held annually, the students of grade 4 and 5 are encouraged to write stories of their own and these are exhibited for parents and guests to visit and read them.

The students with pride welcomed the guests to visit and read the books written by them. The rooms were decorated vibrantly with children’s work on phrases and poems, jokes, riddles and their favourite authors. Categorised under different genres including fantasy, adventure and horror, some of the books on display included The Forbidden Kingdom, The Lost Temple, A Happy Girl, The Last Gem, Comet, etc.

A video collage about the experiences of the students while attending the YAD sessions and writing the stories was screened at hourly intervals. The children enjoyed their time on the day as they took turns to explain the books on the shelves to the visitors. The day was a memorable one as the parents spent a wonderful morning reading the books. The books written by their young ones set the stage for the future authors of this Nation.

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