Young Author’s Day

The Young Author’s Day (YAD) was a culmination of the remarkable journey students had had through the year.

A group of boys on the scent of a mystery, girls on an adventure trip and zombies attacking a city and the courageous effort of a pilot who landed his flight on the frozen Hudson bay…… these are just a few of the many books on display on the 24th day of February. The Young Authors Day – the annual event provides an apt platform for our children to pen down their imaginative and artistic stories in different genres. The event aims at inspiring and motivating our young children to lend words to their imaginative expressions and nurture future writers and authors.

The stories with their colourful illustrations are the end result of the yearlong efforts undertaken by our young authors from grades 4 and 5. The characters and the traits that they portray, the setting of the stories and the intense and intricate plots proved interesting to the readers. The area decorated with book titles and their corresponding movie titles lent an aura of a creative festivity with the children taking turns talking about their books to the parents and visitors. It was a remarkable day for both the parents and the students.

A visual screening of children discussing in groups about their experiences through novel writing, the genres and characters of their stories or the plot and the setting were screened for the parents. The video screening helped the audience understand the novel writing processes and systems that our students are a part of culminating in the Young Authors’ Day.

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