Young Entrepreneurship Programme 2017-2018

Young Entrepreneurship Programme is multi-disciplinary in nature and kindles the students’ interest in entrepreneurship. This extended learning activity helps them to improve their communication and persuasive skills along with the computer and mathematical skills. Students are guided by the faculty in the preparation and planning of the products.

The future entrepreneurs of grade 6 made visual presentations of their plan and execution to their parents on 9.9.17 (Saturday). Students spoke about their products, cost of production, expected income and profit. They also had a display of few sample products.

The students requested their parents to invest (Rs.250 each) in this venture and become venture capitalists for the launch of their products. They also emphasized that this endeavour helps a cause as the profit made will be given for charity. Post presentation session students answered all the queries raised by the parents like professionals.

The presentation also became a platform for the students to develop their public speaking skills and marketing strategies.

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